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Hello and welcome! If you want to get in touch, reach me at natalie.nich@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you! Or keep up with me on insta @nitnatnicholson

A little about me-- I'm from smack dab in the middle of rural Iowa and I received my BFA Ceramics from The University of Iowa in 2019. I was an artist in residence at Northern Clay Center, MN and at New Harmony Clay Project, IN. I've coordinated and instructed clay classes at Seward Cafe Free Space, worked in production pottery as well as many odd jobs, and I've exhibited work around the Midwest and internationally. I am currently attending the University of Arkansas as a post-baccalaureate.

This moment's artist statement:

Particles within a lump of clay can be arranged in an infinite number of ways. Pieces can be glazed and fired repeatedly, left outside to weather, broken and stuck back together, flipped over and stacked on top of one another, any additional material can be incorporated, any number of technological edits can be made, and pieces worn into cohesion can rest in many places on Earth or float around in any virtual reality. 

Given these boundless options, I’m inspired to think my work has the potential for any appearance. I try to invoke forms from that hidden, yet-to-be-imagined realm by relying on serendipity and curiosity to uproot pieces. I’m drawn to forms and settings which, when completed, hint at movement and growth-- those that suggest swaying plants, the chaotic pulsing of microscopic creatures, planetary motion, orgasmic alien energies, or the gurgling of swamps and human organs.

To explore sculptures as inter-dimensional objects and move beyond their physical limits, I often place work into virtual spaces and make digital alterations. The pieces I brought into the physical world are thus blurred into less tangible places yet again. This process multiplies singular pieces; one ceramic object exists alongside various digital images that have the capacity to be projected, printed, or interacted with through virtual reality. These coexisting versions of the same artwork call into question reality, authenticity, truth, and the intersection of celestial and cyber spaces.

My CV :

Nat Nicholson | natalie.nich@gmail.com | natnicholson.com

2023 Current Post-Baccalaureate in Ceramics, The University of Arkansas
2019         BFA Ceramics, The University of Iowa, Iowa City IA
2018         Studio Arts College International, Florence Italy

2022        Artist in Residence, New Harmony Clay Project, New Harmony IN
2019        Emerging Artist Resident, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis MN

2022        Upcoming Group Show, TBD, Windgate Studio, Fayetteville AR
2022        Upcoming Solo Exhibition, Waving Hello, pH Gallery, Fayetteville AR
2022        Upcoming Group Show, Filled Up 3, New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, New Harmony, IN
2022        Upcoming Solo Exhibition, Entity, Ramble Park, Fayetteville AR
2022        Residence VI, New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, IN
2021        Emerging Artist Grant Recipients, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis MN
2020        NCC at NCECA Virtual Gallery Expo, virtual
2019        No One Knows What to do with It, Visual Arts Building, Iowa City IA
2019        Collaboration of All the Arts, Revival, Iowa City IA
2019        Earthwords Arts Showcase, PS1, Iowa City IA
2019        Honors in Studio Art, Visual Arts Building, Iowa City IA
2019        Intermedia Open House, Visual Arts Building, Iowa City IA
2019        Solo Exhibition, *****à, Art Building West, Iowa City IA
2019        Earthwords 39 Launch, Prairie Lights, Iowa City IA
2019        View from the Summit, River City Housing Collective, Summit House, Iowa City IA
2019        The Collective: Graduate Exchange Show, Art & Design Gallery, Lawerence KS
2018        Improvisation for The Piano, Voxman Concert Hall, Iowa City IA
2018        Sacra Mundanam, Levitt Gallery, Iowa City IA
2018        Fabrication and Experimentation, Drewelowe Gallery, Iowa City IA
2018        Solo ExhibitionWander, Visual Arts Building, Iowa City IA
2018        Authorize/Acquiesce, Iowa Memorial Union Pedestrian Bridge, Iowa City IA
2018        The Blare Pinch Project, Visual Arts Building, Iowa City IA
2018        Vertigo: It's Time We Talk, Waterloo Center for the Arts, Waterloo IA
2018        Untitled Body Arts, Palazzo Jules Maidoff, Florence Italy
2018        Selected 2 and 3D Practice, Palazzo dei Cartelloni Gallery, Florence Italy
2018        Il Filo degli Altri, Palazzo dei Cartelloni Gallery, Florence Italy
2017        Feminist Voices Showcase, PS1, Iowa City IA
2016        Anabasis, Mitchell Cemetery, Boone IA
2015        Heart of Iowa Activities Conference, Baxter IA 

2020        Arts Coordinator and Instructor, Seward Cafe Free Space, Minneapolis MN
2020        Finisher, Grey Fox Pottery, Minneapolis MN
2018        President of Children of the Clay a University of Iowa Student Organization

2019         2019 Anonymous Artist Studio Fellowship – Northern Clay Center
2017         Iowa Abroad Scholarship - The University of Iowa
2015         Four-year academic UI Old Gold Scholarship
2015         Four-year academic UI Iowa Scholars Award
2015         Best in show - Heart of Iowa Activities Conference

2022        New Harmony Clay Project Resident Artist Talk
2021        Northern Clay Center Emerging Artist Residents, NCC, Minneapolis, MN
2019        The Collective: Graduate Student Exchange, Lawrence, KS

2019        The Three Graces published in earthwords 39
2019        Scry published in earthwords 39

New Harmony Clay Project Permanent Collection
Lorenzo Pezzantini's Il Filo degli Altri (The Filo of the Others) - Florence Italy
River City Housing Collective - Iowa City IA