(checking salt rings in New Harmony, 2022)

Hello and welcome! If you want to get in touch, reach me at natalie.nich@gmail.com. Or keep up with me on insta @gnatnicholson

I’m originally from rural central Iowa (between Gilbert and Boone) and have over eight years of experience in the field of ceramics. I had profound experiences as a BFA student at the University of Iowa, as a resident at Northern Clay Center MN, and as a resident at New Harmony Clay Project IN. I've coordinated and instructed clay classes, worked in production pottery, and I've exhibited work around the Midwest and internationally. All of these opportunities have offered invaluable community experiences and established vital networks to cultivate ideas.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been in Fayetteville, Arkansas growing my practice through the University of Arkansas’ post baccalaureate program and supporting myself through a full time position at Fayetteville High School as a Special Education Paraprofessional. The community I found in Arkansas, the rewarding nature of my employment, and the sculptures I explored there have energized me immensely. In the coming months, I have the opportunity to live in Taiwan as Tainan National University of the Art’s resident ceramics artist. I will spend five months in the south of Taiwan exploring my forms and learning alongside Taiwanese artists.

            (Instal at SADC in Fayetteville AR, 2023)


Nat Nicholson | natalie.nich@gmail.com | www.natnicholson.com


2023 Post-Baccalaureate in Ceramics, The University of Arkansas, AR

2019 BFA Ceramics, The University of Iowa, IA

2018 Studio Arts College International, Florence, Italy


2024 Current Resident Artist, Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan

2022 Artist in Residence, New Harmony Clay Project, New Harmony IN

2019 Emerging Artist Resident, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis MN


2024 Upcoming Mainframe Annual Invitational, Des Moines, IA

2024      Solo Exhibition, Green Thumb, Chin Chin Pottery, Tainan, Taiwan

2024      Crash Landing, TNNUA Expo, Tainan, Taiwan

2023 Universal Veil, SADC, Fayetteville, AR

2023 Miki Skak”s Thesis Show, Studio Art and Design Center, Fayetteville AR

2023 Solo Exhibition, Universal Veil, SADC, Fayetteville, AR

2023 In the Stone, Walton Arts Center, Fayetteville, AR

2023 Pointed End Where Two Curves Meet, SADC, Fayetteville AR

2022 Solo Exhibition, Waving Hello, pH Gallery, West Fork, AR

2022 Filled Up 3, NHGCA, New Harmony, IN

2022 Solo Exhibition, Cat Tongues for the Sky, Ramble Park, Fayetteville AR

2022 Residence VI, NHGCA, New Harmony, IN

2021 EAR Grant Recipients, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis MN

2020 NCC at NCECA Virtual Gallery Expo, virtual

2019 No One Knows What to do with It, Visual Arts Building, Iowa City IA

2019 Collaboration of All the Arts, Revival, Iowa City IA

2019 Earthwords Arts Showcase, PS1, Iowa City IA

2019 Honors in Studio Art, Visual Arts Building, Iowa City IA

2019 Intermedia Open House, Visual Arts Building, Iowa City IA

2019 Solo Exhibition, Bound, Art Building West, Iowa City IA

2019 Earthwords 39 Launch, Prairie Lights, Iowa City IA

2019 Summit, River City Housing Collective, Summit House, Iowa City IA

2019 The Collective: Graduate Exchange Show, A& D Gallery, Lawerence KS

2018 Improvisation for The Piano, Voxman Concert Hall, Iowa City IA

2018 Sacra Mundanam, Levitt Gallery, Iowa City IA

2018 Fabrication and Experimentation, Drewelowe Gallery, Iowa City IA

2018 Solo Exhibition, Wander, Visual Arts Building, Iowa City IA

2018 Authorize/Acquiesce, IMU Pedestrian Bridge, Iowa City IA

2018 The Blare Pinch Project, Visual Arts Building, Iowa City IA

2018 Vertigo: It's Time We Talk, Waterloo Center for the Arts, Waterloo IA

2018 Untitled Body Arts, Palazzo Jules Maidoff, Florence Italy

2018 Selected 2 and 3D Practice, Palazzo dei Cartelloni Gallery, Florence Italy

2018 Il Filo degli Altri, Palazzo dei Cartelloni Gallery, Florence Italy

2017 Feminist Voices Showcase, PS1, Iowa City IA

2016 Anabasis, Mitchell Cemetery, Boone IA

2015 Heart of Iowa Activities Conference, Baxter IA 


2023 UArk Gallery Coordinator, SADC, Fayetteville, AR

2023 Paraprofessional Art Teacher, Fayetteville High School, Fayetteville, AR

2022 Gallery Assistant, NHGCA, New Harmony, IN

2020 Arts Coordinator/Instructor, Seward Cafe Free Space, Minneapolis MN

2020 Finisher, Grey Fox Pottery, Minneapolis MN

2018 President, Children of the Clay student org, Iowa City, IA


2024 Resident Stipend, Tainan National University of the Arts

2022 Resident Stipend, New Harmony Clay Project

2019 2019 Anonymous Artist Studio Fellowship, Northern Clay Center

2017 Iowa Abroad Scholarship, The University of Iowa

2015 Four-year academic UI Old Gold Scholarship

2015 Four-year academic UI Iowa Scholars Award

2015 Best in show - Heart of Iowa Activities Conference


2021 Northern Clay Center Emerging Artist Residents, NCC, Minneapolis, MN

2019 The Collective: Graduate Student Exchange, KU, Lawrence, KS


New Harmony Clay Project Permanent Collection

Lorenzo Pezzantini's Il Filo degli Altri (The Filo of the Others) - Florence Italy

River City Housing Collective - Iowa City IA